George Curl is a London based photographer specialising in Architectural photography & Interiors photography including restaurants, hotels, resorts, interiors, stores and commercial spaces.

His expertise comes from architecture interest and building work experience that helps him to appreciate the depth of space, detail and craftsmanship.

George’s unique style captures the architect’s personal style and highlights key selling points. For the best dynamics, atmosphere and exposure, he decides whether to harness natural light in the best possible way or to use special light effects for brightness and colour.

Architectural and Interior photography:
Is not only about good composition, but there are also​ hidden elements to it. Preparations consist of cleaning, tidying up negative elements, adding decorations and design features to bring the best out of ​space and view.
Every picture needs attention to detail from preparation to the final phase of editing.

On the day of shooting:
The time for each job depends on the size of a project, cleanliness of space and the weather. Shooting can take from few hours up to a ​few days.

Post-processing is a final photo digital editing for the best result of each individual picture and to enhance details for specific orders.

Marketing photos for Developers and Architects
Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants,
Property for Estate Agents
Commercial spaces, Offices

George Curl, Architectural Photographer – London, Uk
Email: info@georgecurl.com